Who we are

Kristof Giber, Ph.D, founder and owner of brainlogin

I am an indie game developer, former Harvard neuroscientist and Artificial Intelligence researcher.

I earned my PhD in Neuroscience in 2009 and soon after accepted a postdoc position at Harvard Medical School. By then my interest gradually drifted towards machine learning, artificial intelligence, image processing and programming.

My enthusiasm for future technologies finally took me to the realm of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality game development, this game changer industry is what finally made me quite from research to start Brainlogin in 2016.

I have released Color Battles for Gear VR, a special first person match-3 game with a fantasy theme. I have also made WAR of the AI, an AR game for iPhone that I completed entirely within just 6 weeks, as a freelance project. I have done several VR, AR and mobile freelance projects for businesses (such as Trailblazing VR).

In addition to programming and game design, I also create and sell 3D models that I photoscan using photogrammetry.